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Part 1: General Questions

Part 2: Questions

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
1. I am satisfied with the self-help module(s) from mirro.
2. I am satisfied with the information received from the module(s).
3. I am satisfied with the tips received from the module(s).
4. I am satisfied with the exercises provided by the module(s).
5. I am satisfied with the experience experts’ stories in the module(s).
6. The module(s) helped me gain insight in my mental wellbeing.
7. The module(s) stimulated me to start working on my mental wellbeing.
8. The module(s) helped me seek additional help for my issue(s).
9. I feel better after having completed the module(s).
10. I would recommend the module(s) to my family and friends.

Part 3: Open questions

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